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Plans & pricing

Which plan should I sign up for?

The plan that will work best for you or your business depends on the combination of below factors that best apply to you:

Format of your documentsQuantity of paper docsNumber of people involvedBest plan choice
Get or handle almost all of your documents in electronic formFew or none You are the only person who can add and manage your documentsPersonal Digital Only
You an assistant, other colleagues or family members need to be able to add and manage documentsBusiness Digital Only
Get or handle many or most of your documents in paper formFew You are the only person who can add and manage your documentsIndividual
Moderate You, an assistant, administrator or family member both need to be able to add and manage documentsAssistant
Moderate You and other colleagues and family membersneed to be able to add and manage documentsSmall Business
Many You and a number of colleagues need to be able to add and manage documentsGrowing Business

What format of documents can I send in through the digital-only plan?

You"ll get maximum functionality from PDF documents. Papertrailer can generate high-enough quality images that allow you greater flexibility in terms of sharing (by sharing only the image previews without providing access to the original document). However, you are welcome to upload other formats, such as Microsoft Word files (DOC or DOCX) Open Office Documents (ODT), or plain text files (TXT). Other file formats such as images (PNG, GIF, JPEG) or archive files are not currently supported.

You may upload files up to 15MB in size.

How do the multi-user plans work?

A multi-user plan and account means that while there is a primary account administrator, that administrator can add other people (family, colleagues, accountants, an assistant, etc.) who will help him/her manage documents on the account. That means that those additional people will be able to email and/or mail in new documents (if applicable for the plan) as well as tag, modify, delete and comment on all documents associated with the account.

What happens if I go over the upload limits for my plan?

We will let you know in advance if you are approaching your plan’s paper upload limit (remember, you get unlimited digital uploads!). If you still go over your limit, your account will simply be upgraded to the next applicable tier. If you are already on the maximum tier (i.e. Assistant or Growing Business plans), we will reach out to you to make custom arrangements that are economical for both you and us.

What rights do other members have over your account on a multi-member plan (i.e. Assistant or business)?

Additional administrators you add to the account will be able to: but they will NOT be able to:
  • email and/or mail in new documents (if applicable for the plan)
  • tag documents (and remove existing tags)
  • modify details of documents on the account
  • delete documents
  • comment on all documents
  • change your password
  • change any applications you have hooked up to your account
  • change billing information for the account
  • remove you as primary administrator
  • add or delete other administrators you designate


How does Papertrailer protect my documents?

We go above and beyond to secure you and your documents against hackers and identity thieves:

  • All Communication between your browser and Papertrailer is secured by a Positive SSL certificate:
    SSL Certificate
  • Paper documents uploaded by the Papertrailer team are transmitted through an encrypted channel (learn more).
  • Once your documents reach our servers, they are stored in an encrypted format, and they are only decrypted on-the-fly, when you view them (i.e. when you are viewing the thumbnail, preview, or actual document).
  • The documents’ URLs will only resolve for you when you are logged into Papertrailer. Other Papertrailer users will only be able to access documents if you have explicitly given them permission to do so. Non-Papertrailer users will NOT be able to access your documents.

What happens to the paper documents I send you?

Digital documents you send to Papertrailer via email or directly upload are never processed or viewed by Papertrailer staff.

Documents you mail-in are received into a locked mailbox, which is only accessible by two Papertrailer employees. It is then transported in a locked vehicle to our secure processing facility in a residential neighborhood, which only Papertrailer staff have access to. The only employees who will ever have access to your mailed-in documents are those who are trained in the upload and privacy policies, and have undergone and passed background checks.

When you send us paper docs, we process and upload them to your Papertrailer mailbox, and will hold them in our locked facility for up to 4 weeks. Within that time, if you want the original back, you can indicate so easily through your mailbox. It will then be included in a return shipment to you (sent at least once per month). If you do not take that action within the 4 weeks, we will assume you no longer want the original (because, hey, now you have a perfectly good electronic copy) and we will cross-cut shred all un-reclaimed paper and responsibly recycle the paper bits. It’s not just the environmentally friendly thing to do, but it’s also the most secure. Having sensitive paper documents lying around can be a huge risk and liability.

Sharing documents

How does sharing work?

In order to help you keep better track of what you are sharing (with minimal maintenance), sharing on Papertrailer is done through tags. That is, you could create a tag “family medical” and share it with your family, for example. Every time you want to share a medical document with your family, you simply add that tag to it and it gets automatically shared with the people you designated.

Who can I share documents I store in Papertrailer with?

You can share documents with anyone, including but not limited to existing Paper Trailer users.

Do people I share documents with have to pay for the service?

Not at all. We have a “read-only” plan that allows people you share documents with to view them (but not add any of their own).

Can I “un-share” documents?

Yes, at any time. What you would do is literally revoke a person’s permission to view or edit by unsharing the tag you shared with him/her, or by removing the tag from the document you no longer want to share.

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